Dani Lieberman


A Year in Review

As a lifelong bookworm, I admit I’m much more passionate about books than the average person. Even so, it shocked me when I first read that the average American never reads another book after college. When you’re so deeply engrossed in a book, you’ll notice that amazing ability where you feel transported. For me it provides a short escape from the usual and persistent noises that consume my mind. Below is a list of new cook books I fell in love with.

Mario Batali - Molto Batali
World renowned chef, author and TV personal Mario Batali did it again. His newest book focuses on "simple family meals" with new, creative, and unique recipes that are sure to educate and surprise you along the way. From lush summer salads to hearty winter braises, the seasonal dishes in Molto Batali are easy to prepare, made with simple ingredients, and will please every member of the family. Better yet, the recipes are organized into perfectly paired combinations for stellar meals. There's a reason this guy is so successful, and this book reflects just that. ($29.99)

Andrew Carmellini - American Flavor
Andrew Carmellini is a two-time James Beard Award winner but also the man behind both The Dutch and Locanda Verde in New York City. What a treat to take home his secrets, recipes, and brilliant combinations. His American flavor and flair are featured in recipes like Fried Chicken, Hoppin’ John, and Root Beer Cake. ($34.99)

Eleven Madison Park - "The Cookbook"
Eleven Madison Park came out with a stellar new cookbook that makes it abundantly clear why people are so taken with the restaurant. The cookbook is a sumptuous tribute to the unforgettable experience of dining in the restaurant. They take the latest culinary techniques and marry them with classical French techniques. The book features more than 125 recipes that are arranged by season. They use a wide range of ingredients that showcase Humm's ambition and unique sense of style. If that isn't enough the book is accompanied by stunning photographs by Francesco Tonelli. It's perhaps the most beautifully photographed American cookbook I've ever seen. ($50.00)

Heston Blumenthal - Heston Blumenthal At Home
Blumenthal is known as the champion of the scientific kitchen and runs The Fat Duck in London. He acquired three Michelin Stars and is one of only a handful of chefs in the UK to earn such an accolade. This book shows how science can radically change the way we eat and is not considered a weeknight cook book for a busy family. With meticulous precision, he explains what the most effective techniques are and why they work.