Dani Lieberman


Food Philosphy

After scouring my usual blogs I started to wonder why I love the food empire. slowly brainstorming in my head I began to jot down my thoughts and this is what I came up with.... My Food Philosophy:

  • People can be confident in the kitchen without being experts
  • Creating a delicious dish does not have to be time consuming
  • No standard on how a meal has to look
  • Entertaining will enrich your life and bring you closer to your friends, family and even strangers.
  • Food is a gateway to other countries and cultures
  • The internet is just the start of a larger conversation
  • Everyone has a food story worth sharing so take the time to find out!
  • When dining out always order two dishes. The one you find most appetizing and the one that is most unappetizing. The unusual items are often the tastiest.
  • Being gluten free is easy, resources are EVERYWHERE
  • July is national ice cream month
Now I challenge you, what's your food philosophy?