Dani Lieberman


Stance Socks


Before I left NYC a close friend gave me the sweetest gift. Knowing I have a tad obsession with socks she gifted me four pairs of awesome Stance Everyday Socks. While most sock brands use generic colors and materials, Stance Socks decided to create comfortable, stylish and inspiring socks!

The sock obsession really stems from my job. Walking barefoot in studios is never alluring to me and looking down or reaching for my feet and seeing something bright, funky and fun makes teaching and practicing that much more exciting! 

The stance socks have signature arch support with seamless construction made out of combed cotton, that let your feet know you love them.

- Stylish/Colorful
- Combed Cotton Softness

- Not the cheapest ($10.00 - $20.00)

Stance Socks is definitely making its presence known and felt within the footwear industry. With unique styles and combed cotton fabrics these are truly one of a kind. Feel free to mismatched pairs and break the rules with Stance.