Dani Lieberman




I've never been one to love selfies -- my own insecurities always get in the way but because of Baxterbands, I couldn't resist posting this photo! If you're having a bad hair day, are low on accessories, love soft headbands that stay in place through active movement, these headbands are for you! 

I always struggle to find headbands that fit my head (have a rather small cap size). Initially, I feared it would slip like all the rest do. To my surprise and delight it stayed in place for an entire 90 minute ashtanga practice. Sweat, handstands, headstands and backbends didn't move the band ONE INCH! It was sheer bliss practicing in this headband and not fidgeting with my hair for once! 

Browse through the endless selection of colors, sizes, and variations these phenomenal headbands come in on either Etsy or Gertie & Baxter! I wish I had them all in my drawer, that's how much I adore this Gray Ikat Boho Band

Also, check out the adorable packaging!

Thanks again Baxterbands, I truly love this headband!