Dani Lieberman


Ladder Barrel


Most Pilates studios will have a ladder barrel, however, it’s rarely the center of attention in the studio. The perks of being on this piece are second to none. It is AMAZING! The ladder barrel has a supportive nature that is great for molding your body and stretching with the assistance of gravity. Clearly, stretching isn't the only thing this awesome piece of equipment is for, but that is most likely where I like to begin my sessions. When my clients hear me say “let’s go over to the barrel” I can hear a silent yelp of “ooh! yesss!” because they know they’re in for a treat.

The ladder barrel is one of the most beneficial pieces of Pilate’s equipment and one of my personal favorites I frequently utilize. It’s designed to strengthen your core and allows for exercises that increase and improve flexibility. The combination of ladder rungs and a barrel surface provides for optimal stretching, strengthening and flexibility movements. Most barrels connect to the ladder by a sliding base that adjusts to accommodate different torso sizes and leg lengths, so really anyone can use it. Most have extra foam padding that provides comfort during prone exercises like Swan, or side lying exercises like Side Sit Up or Mermaid. You will love the difference it makes in your Pilates practice.