Dani Lieberman


Zara Terez


Two weeks ago I was introduced to the one of a kind brand Zara Terez. After perusing their designs I was blown away by the creativity, uniqueness and energy this brand encompasses. Best friends Zara and Amanda bring their creative visions to life by creating vivid prints that have been dominating the performance apparel scene for quite some time now. The designs stand out in any crowd and each piece represents vision, love and energetic empowerment.

Once I received my first pair of Women's Kaleidoscope performance capris I was a tad disappointed. Waist line is a be feature to me, the Kaleidoscope top band resembles the make of leggings you would have worn when you were 5. It's tight, bunchy and feels remarkably similar to the elastic of a scrunchy. It gives you a muffin top and you always feel the need to pull the pants as high as they go when you sit down. I loathe that feeling. The fabric and design make them worth it though, they bring liveliness to my classes and personal practice and I really appreciate that. It also helps that I get a slew of compliments from random people every time I wear them.

The trippy electric prints add attention-grabbing flair to stretchy leggings that I utterly adore. Can't wait to see what's next for this phenomenal brand.