Dani Lieberman


Team Werkshop


I've been mesmerized by Werkshop's leggings for quite some time now but always arrived at the site when no size smalls were left. After seeing them post a photo of when the Dark Sugar capri pant would restock I clearly set a calendar reminder. Having never ordered from them before and perusing the website size guide I ordered a size up. I'm usually an X-small (sometimes a small) in most spandex workout clothes. Maybe it's just me, or they need to stretch a bit, but they seem a tad tight -- they are compression tights and are not similar to normal spandex gear. The print, feel, design and overall look of these pants is phenomenal though and I completely understand why they sell out in seconds. 

As for wear when working out -- well I must say I'm a tad annoyed. While I was doing todays poses and challenges I was constantly focused and disappointed by the waist line top rolling down. The compression of the pants can also feel restrictive and leave lingering marks/imprints in your skin. 

I usually shy away from capri pants, as I prefer full length wear instead. Definitely disappointed that they don't offer any full length options. With prices at $88.00, it will run your wallet dry quickly. If they were full length pants I could understand but this seems a tad steep to me for a pair of capri pants. Hopefully as the business grows and expands prices will lower and full length options will come about. 

Product Details:

  • 80% Polyester, 30% Elastane
  • Flatlock seams provide comfort and aide against chafing
  • Breathable, Quick Dry, Muscle Control, UV Protection, Pilling Resistant, Chlorine Resistant
  • Suitable for Running, Yoga, SUPYoga, Surfing, Dance and More!
  • Made in the USA with Italian Fabric