Dani Lieberman


Buddha Teas Are All You Need


In my world, tea is a way of life. It's pretty easy to make, if you can boil water, you can brew tea. With the holidays rolling in and the cold weather sticking around, now is the perfect time to discover Buddhateas

When Buddhateas first contacted me I was shocked I hadn't heard or discovered them previously through any of the local tea shops I frequent. They strives to provide high quality teas while maintaining the purest ingredients and form. Not only are the teas soothing but some even come with affirmations inscribed on the tags that are attached to the bag -- what a lovely surprise that was! But not every tea comes with tags or strings. The company strives to remain ecofriendly by reducing needless waste. Talk about perfection! The pillow style tea bag (which houses Genmaicha Tea) doesn't harm the environment one bit! This tea company is all about doing good, making you feel good and being good to the environment. If that isn't enough to make you swoon, the packaging is perfect. The colors, descriptions, labeling, pricing and ingredients were so well thought out. On the side of each box a caffeine guide indicates the level of caffeine in each bag and descriptions of the tea define exactly each ones essence and signature blends. 

The Review!

Genmaicha Tea: This tea is exceptionally light and creates aromas that smell earthy. The result is a cup that tastes very much like roasted brown rice with a distinct but not overpowering nutty flavor. While many green teas taste somewhere between 'vegetable' and 'grassy' this tea leans more towards a roasted vegetable flavor that I couldn't put down. The texture is smooth, refreshing and light and only got better the longer it steeped. 

Chaga Tea: Never having heard or tried this before I was very excited for my first cup but had to do some research. Chaga mushrooms have been used for centuries in Europe for their healing properties. Unlike most fungus, chaga is hard and woody, bearing no resemblance to mushrooms. Instead, it looks like a cracked piece of burned charcoal. Chaga is rich in natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory phenols, containing the compounds betulin and betulinic acid. These can help control free radicals from damaging cells in the body and can play a beneficial role in controlling metabolic disorders like obesity and metabolic syndrome. A group of compounds in chaga called lanostanoids also appear to play significant anti-cancer roles. The color brewed is similar to any black tea. As for the taste, well, it had an herbal flavor to it. I put some honey in mine to add a kick of sweetness but it left me oddly full. Which in my opinion, is kind of a benefit. It doesn't really have a particular flavor, but was soothing and very easy to drink. 

Solar Plexus Chakra Tea: Like Chaga tea, I didn't know much about Chakra tea either. Chakra means wheel and refers to centers of energy in our physical bodies as well as in our consciousness. It aims to understand and honor the interconnection of our bodies, thoughts, emotions, ideas and actions. Solar plexus chakra is the third chakra and is defined as self-esteem and acceptance of one's self. It had herbs infused with lemon and citrine notes, that brewed a golden cup with complex flavors that are smooth and have a lingering earthiness. I found this tea to be a warm soothing blend that aided my dry-scratchy throat. 

Benefits of them all:
Unbleached Teabags
Certified Organic
100% Kosher
100% recycled carton
No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives