Dani Lieberman


Teeki Time!


For quite some time I've admired the eco-conscious activewear line Teeki. They take water bottles, recycle them and turn them into clothes that are beautiful and inspirational. They respect the land and strive to protect the environment by utilizing conscientious business and manufacturing processes. They scoured the earth in the beginning stages of developent to seek out the highest quality materials that were conflict free, environmentally friendly and safe for all living things. 

Here's how they do it!
Step 1: Plastic PET containers are picked up at recycling centers and are sorted by type/color
Step 2: Containers are stripped of labels and caps, then washed, crushed and chopped into flakes
Step 3: The flakes are melted and made into consistently shaped pellets
Step 4: The pellets undergo a second melting process and are extruded to make fiber. The fiber is crimped, cut, drawn and then stretched and baled
Step 5: The baled fiber can be processed into fabric for a variety of texting uses and products!

Once the fabric is created it then goes into an eco-friendly printing process that is safer for the environment and workers and is manufactured in California. No overseas labor here! The fabric is approved by EPA and meets Oeko-Tex standard 100 certification. This third party verification ensures the products have been tested for harmful substances. The fabric is approved by Intertek Recycled PET certification and is 100% post-consumer recycled polyester yarn. They are also verified by the Bluesign System, which sets and controls stringent standards for environmentally friendly and safe production of all fabrics. My mind is blown!!

Lets talk about the fit, feel and design of these fantastic pants!

The Price:
The price is relatively consistent with others on the market. For all they do for the environment and their employees I am totally ok with paying $72.00 a pair. 

The Color: 
With vivd colors and designs popping up all over the market, Teeki takes it to a far better place. They incorporate love, nature and true design into each print and fabric they create. When you bend over, they won't be see-through and when you go shopping, you'll hear compliments and get asked where you bought those pants. The unique designs gives you a stylish look to wear during workouts or other outings. 

The Material and Fit: 
The yoga pants are made from a four stretch fabric that is antimicrobial, breathable, soft and flexible. The best part, they won't leave marks lingering in your skin after a day of wearing them! They are light weight, malleable, chafe-resistant and provide comfort when practicing complex yoga poses or other aerobic/anaerobic activities. The waistband lacks elastic (but keeps its shape-and won't roll down) and feels good whether you wear it high and mighty or roll it down for a low and sultry look. 

Size Guide:
Completely true to size and don't run large or small.

Content + Care:
79% Recycled PET, 21% Spandex
Machine Wash - I like to do them inside out, not that it's necessary though!
Made in the USA

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