Dani Lieberman


Grace Street


In the chaos and bustle of Korea Town, it's easy to miss a spot like this. Grace Street is a hidden gem that has cavernous space, tall ceilings and beautiful original artwork lining the walls. One side has a row of comfortable leather tufted couches and the other is lined with an assortment of different tables and chairs. The space is welcoming, hip and easily separates itself from other cafes in the area.

The chalk board (that usually sits outside the shop) explains exactly what their signature product is: "Ho-dduk is a Korean-style doughnut with melted brown sugar, cinnamon and walnuts." You can order your Ho-Dduk alone, or with a scoop of Ronnybrook ice cream. (Bottom picture above.) Nothing about the Ho-Dduk is over the top. It really was a perfect dessert.

The second dessert we got (top right photo) is the Shaved Snow dessert. This dish had green tea ice-cream, homemade mochi, red beans, and red bean ice-cream. Hands down the best shaved ice I’ve ever had; the ice is creamy and provides a fantastic green tea flavor. The sweetness is dulled by the red bean, condensed milk and green tea mixture. Really what Grace Street is doing is a hybrid of Korean shaved ice and Taiwanese shaved snow. Grace Street employees prevent the delicate shaved snow from melting by insulating it with a double layer of metal bowls.

17 W 32nd St
(b/w Broadway and 5th Ave)