Dani Lieberman


Imperial No. 9

Imperial No. 9 has unfortunately moved on, but in it's place is the spankin new restaurant, Isola Trattoria. The decor inside hasn't changed much, but there's a whole new lot running the show. The theme is based on a Coastal Italian ambience, which was inspired by the Amalfi Coast, Italian Riviera, and Sicily.  The lead chef, Victor LaPlaca, has created a menu of light, fresh, and flavorful Italian cuisine. His hopes are to capture the spirit of Italian provinces where food, wine, and hospitality are a celebrated part of everyday life.  They don't take reservations, unless you are a party larger than 6, so prepare to wait. I'm checking it out on Thursday evening, hopefully it lives up to my expectations!

Here's a sneak peak at the menu!

Isola Trattoria
9 Crosby Street, Soho