Dani Lieberman


The Ninja


I've been on a smoothie kick recently and figured it was time to invest in a blender of my own! After debating at Bed Bath and Beyond for 20 minutes between the Ninja 1200W blender and the $400 Vitamix, I decided to buy the Ninja blender and save $300. I must admit I am very particular with my kitchen appliances, especially blenders and juicers because I've used some pretty great ones over the years. Inside, you'll find two single serving mixing cups, one 72 oz blender, 1200 watts of pure power, and a 64 oz processor bowl. Living alone, I find that cooking for one can be challenging, but this product was made for individual smoothies! Pure joy and convenience, the individual mixing cups go right on the blender. You put all your ingredients into the cup, place the individual cup on the blender base, and pulse until you reach your desired smoothie consistency. The Ninja has instantly become my new favorite product. My only complaint, I didn't like how they packaged the blades, it was actually completely unsafe and unfortunately I ended up with a few cuts (so be careful when opening yours). Other systems I've read about apparently provide proper storage materials for sharp blades, I hope Ninja implements safety guards soon. All in all I give this product a 9 out of 10.

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