Dani Lieberman


Foodie Finds

Are you a hunter? When people ask me if I hunt, my response is always the same, I only hunt for bargains! One of my all time favorite bargain sites is Fab.com, it's easily the best shopping site out there. The selection and curation of products they find are fun, unique, and creative. Rarely a day goes by that I don't open the website to browse and discover great new products and offers. Sunday's are my favorite day of product releases, they rock the Foodie Sundays. So today's post focuses on my favorite picks from Fab.com that are now available online!

1. Playful Ice Cube Trays:


Make every drink fun and playful!  Easy to use and incredibly effective, these ice-cube trays will help your party go off with a bang and certainly impress your guests.

2. Douchebag Doily Coasters:

Some people had a proper upbringing, and some people need to be taught a lesson! Give both with these coasters.

3. Drink Notes:

Great for wine tastings, witty comments, and remembering which glass is yours! These drink notes are a great party staple.

4. Hamburger Kitchen Timer: 


This Hamburger Kitchen Timer won't let you forget to flip the burger in the kitchen.