Dani Lieberman


Bakasana: Crow Pose


Strengthens the arms and wrists
Strengthens and tones the core muscles
Improves and challenges balance
Stretches the upper back
Enhances stability awareness

1. Start in mountain pose with feet together. Squat down and place palms firmly on the floor, shoulder distance apart. (Advanced students enter via Handstand.)
2. Pike your hips high, engage your core muscles and place your keens against your upper tricep muscles on the back of your arms. Bend your almost enough to make a shelf with your upper arms.
3. Target your gaze slightly forward of your hands and gently shift your weight forwards onto your hands lifting your feet off the ground. Stay here and straighten the arms as much as possible. 
4. Remain for 5 breaths or up to 1 minute to challenge yourself. Lower your feet down to the ground and find a standing forward bend (Uttanasana) position to exit.