Dani Lieberman


Side Plank: Vasisthasana


Side plank (Vasisthasana - "Vasistha" - most excellent, best, richest) can be intimidating, especially when you see all the variations that exist within it. When I first started side plank I prepped and executed it all wrong.

Whenever doing any side plank work, NEVER let the hips sink down towards the mat. You always want to think that an imaginary string is pulling your top side up towards the sky. The above photo is an example of what to do and not to do in a variation of side plank that involves a backbend. 

Improves balance on both sides
Strengthens wrists, arms, abdomen, obliques, and legs
Tones the core
Tones the inner thigh muscle when top leg is lifted

1. Start in down dog and shift onto the outside edge of your right foot, stacking your left foot on top of your right foot.
2. Walk your right hand slightly forward and bring your left hand to your left hip, stacking your left side body over your right side body so that you face the left side of the room. Your body should be in one long diagonal line from your head to your feet.
3. Once comfortable and stable, take any variation, lifting the arm to the sky, lifting the top leg, taking a backbend. Just make sure not to let your hips sink down while doing that.