Dani Lieberman


Boho Chic Movement


There are lots of ways to trick yourself into working out. One of my favorite tactics is shopping for new workout gear. Being cute and fashionable while feeling secure during your workouts can sometimes be hard to achieve. In the spirit of fixing this issue, Free People added a new collection to their “FP Movement” brand. The FP Movement Run collection is designed with the free-spirited athlete in mind and is just as feminine and ethereal as you would expect from the brand. The collection includes leggings, shorts, jackets and hoodies that are layering pieces with multi-functional purposes.   

The Road Runner Legging features a cloud combo hue that isn’t see-through and doesn’t show sweat! Free People integrated unexpected trims in signature patterns throughout these leggings. The diagonal seams lengthen your legs making each wearer look 2 inches taller. They have enough stretch to accommodate movement during your workouts and if you feel like relaxing on the couch in style, they compliment that too. The waist band sits comfortably without rolling up or down and you never have to hike these leggings up. Made from 96% Nylon and 6% Spandex, these leggings are soft, comfortable and easy to wear. They run true to size and are machine washable!


The Night Runner Hoodie was designed for working out and more! This zip-up jacket is crafted with a durable roll away hood, weather resistant fabric, utilitarian reflective trims and perfectly placed side pockets. It’s equipped with breathable mesh inserts and a roomy design with drawstring accents that allow for a customized fit. It’s light-as-air and has a shine finish and feel that resembles silk. If you’re an early morning or late evening runner, wearing reflective clothing is a must, this jacket tics that box off and so many more. 


While the FP Movement Run collection is meant for rigorous activity - the pieces have proven they can be worn both inside and outside the gym and studio. The casual and comfortable apparel will leave you feeling good whether or not you’re working out. For those who engage in high impact activity with lengthy cool down sessions, this streamlined workout gear will make you incredibly happy. I personally can’t wait to buy more from this collection!