Dani Lieberman


A Feet of Engineering


David Heath and Randy Goldberg founded Bombas Socks, on the same principles of that above. They found that socks hadn't been re-engineered in years and were the most requested clothing item in homeless shelters across the US. They decided to engineer a sock that specifically suited homeless people's needs and team up with Hanna's Socks--Hannah's socks is a non-profit organization that helps homeless people across the US receive socks--in order to reach those specific places. Since most homeless people spend time exposed to outdoor living and outdoor elements, their socks quickly take the grunt of that lifestyle. The charitable socks address the main issues that cause homeless peoples socks to rapidly deteriorate.

The socks they donate have a bit of a different make up, which the company has really tailored towards the lifestyle of those in need of them. These socks are equipped with anti-microbial fabric, that prevents fungus growth, even if they can't be washed often. They reinforced their seam lines, which helps with the longevity of their shelf life, even in rough living conditions. And developed a color scheme in a much darker base, so that their wear-and-tear isn't quite as visible. 

Chances are your sock drawer is full of drab, cheap pairs of long-expired elastic socks. These game changing performance socks are built to support your feet in all the right places and add a splash of zest in a mostly monochromatic sock world. I can't wait to see the company expand into different clothing areas. Bombas socks has donated more than 300,000 socks through Hanna's Socks

Shopping is something most adore. When you add in shopping with meaning, you'll find more consumers interested in your products, for they now have the opportunity to help those in need. Over the past few years companies have introduced the Buy One, Give One concept to help those in need and give consumers the opportunity to support social causes they care about. When people think of this model, they mostly register it with TOMS, the One For One shoe company, founded by Blake Mycoskie. 

Bombas has transformed what socks once were. After assessing the different needs of sock designs for both communities, they created two different sock lines, one designed for the lifestyle of the homeless and one based on the consumer needs.

The consumer design is made from long-staple Peruvian pima cotton, that keep your toes warm in the winter, cool in the summer months and wicks moisture better than traditional cotton. They enhanced technical details like adding an invisible toe seam and adding a honeycomb arch support system that distributes pressure evenly throughout your arch. The tension level on the high rise socks stays perfectly in place, without rolling down or being tight. The Y-stich heel design on all their socks feels like a cushioned bed that naturally cups your heel. Maybe best of all is the blister tab, which provides cushion and protection to prevent rubbing and chafing. On first feel, you think they are a tad thick, but once you slide them on, they hug your foot like a glove, allowing the fabric to naturally stretch providing a non-clausterphobic feeling for your toes. They do shrink slightly after the first wash/dry but magically fit better the second time you wear them. The makeup breakdown: 59% cotton, 34% polyester, 6% rubber and 1% spandex.