Dani Lieberman


Virabhadrasana - Warrior 1


Warrior 1 creates stillness by balancing simultaneous movements in different directions that builds focus, power and stability. #Virabhadrasana1 strengthen your legs, extends your torso, opens your chest and develops balance and concentration within. There’s a lot going on in this deceptively simple asana. Imagine your back foot is glued to the ground and won’t go anywhere, without wrenching your back hip forwards, attempt to square off your hips to the front, being mindful not to torque the back knee. Like yesterdays internal rotation at the hips, focus on that movement here, even though it won’t be as drastic or capable. Also, don’t fret if you aren’t perfectly squared in the hips. Above I wrote the cue to “bend your front knee to 90 degrees” in warrior I, that’s not always realistic for most —the angle will likely be more obtuse than, say, a warrior II or high lunge. If holding the pose feels super “easy,” you might consider a longer lower stance!