Dani Lieberman


Chaturanga Dandasana


This warming posture will strengthen and tone your wrists, arms, abs and low back, helping to improve your posture in all we do. The shoulder, shoulder blades, and arm placement in this pose is often done incorrectly. Correct posture is scapular abduction and slight upward rotation while your shoulders remain in line with the central axis of your body, and your upper arms remain parallel to the floor. Often times in the upper body, weakness in the triceps and serratus anterior can show up as a downward rotation and adduction of the scapula and an overuse of the pectorals major/minor in this asana. Descending straight down from plank pose with your hands too close to your shoulders will cause your shoulders to round forwards. When the shoulders hunch forwards (dropping toward the floor) the pectoral muscles must do nearly all the work and will strain the fronts of the shoulder. Try and focus on the above points for proper placement of the upper trunk. For those seeking a challenge, place a bolster or folded blanket beneath you and focus on hovering above the prop, with proper alignment for an extended period of time.