Dani Lieberman




Ever feel weighed down by the plethora of options that exist in the teatoxing world? Choosing the best detox tea in this ever-growing market is easier said than done. To find a tea that lives up to its claims and that isn’t another ordinary tea from the grocery store marketed for detox can require some trial and error. But as a teatox enthusiast I’ve done the hard work for you and found a company I truly adore. 

Meet ASAPSKINNY! Just as their name implies, their teatoxing products detoxify your body. The morning boost and evening detox seamlessly integrate into your daily lifestyle, routine and diet. I appreciate most that this teatox doesn’t oppose or change your diet altogether, which is often a necessity for other popular methods of detoxification. This means you don’t have to put any additional stress on the body in the form of calorie restrictions or avoid the foods you truly enjoy. (This can still be a good thing though depending on what your goals are, but by no means a necessity.) Another fantastic highlight, this tea is 100% Laxative-Free. Unreal, I know! You won't get any stomach cramps or IBS, unlike other brands out there, because ASAPSKINNY doesn't contain an ingredient called "Senna". It’s quite wonderful to continuously have a tea that won’t affect your lifestyle, helps you slim down and keeps toxins at an all time low.

As an avid yogi and exercise freak, I didn't anticipate finding much benefit from simply drinking tea. I adore being proved wrong. My energy levels in the morning felt maximized naturally, instead of the usual adrenaline rush I get from my coffee fix. Throughout the days I noticed a change in my appetite cravings. I wasn't needing sweet cereal in the mornings or chocolate in the evening, and best of all, I wasn't reaching for that extra french fry at meals. I’ve never been that person, until now!

What’s the fun in using a plain old boring tea infuser? If you’re a fan of tea, you’ll adore the ManaTEA infuser. The ManaTEA makes tea drinking enticing, refreshing and fun!

Being healthy, fit and staying motivated can sometimes be a challenge, but with ASAPSKINNY, your diet ritual will become more enjoyable and colorful. Start a healthy tea drinking habit with them today! You won’t regret it!

Morning Boost: The revitalizing morning boost tea is a powerful blend that is light in flavor and deliciously refreshing. You'll taste hints of lemon, green tea, and mint. I enjoyed drinking it before I went to the gym. It wakes you up without wreaking havoc on your stomach.


* Promotes Fat Burning
* Reduces Appetite
* Boosts Metabolism
* Increases Energy
Evening Detox: A soothing, sweet infusion of honeybush, lotus leaf, cinnamon, goji berries and lavender promotes a sense of relaxation and well being while cleansing the digestive system, improving digestion, reducing bloating and ending the days with a sweet note.


* Detoxifies and Cleanses
* Improves Digestion
* Promotes Relaxation
* Reduces Bloating

Rejuvenate yourself and kickstart your healthy lifestyle with ASAPSKINNY! To purchase the tea and receive 10% off the purchase price, visit: ASAPSKINNY and use  promocode: DANI10 at checkout.