Dani Lieberman


Hip Flexor Opening



1. Bend one knee and place it directly up against a wall. (Wear socks if you have toe nail polish on - no scuffing those walls!) 
2. Bring your other leg forwards into a 90° or greater bend. 
3. Extend your spine back towards the wall while pressing your tush into the heel of the wall foot. 
4. Place hands back on the ground and wiggle the front foot forwards further. 
5. Shift your weight off of the wall and create a bigger angle between your tush and heel. Pressing the hip towards the ground.
6. Actively focus on pulling the front leg hip back and pushing the back leg hip forwards! 
7. End with a child's pose and then switch sides!

This hip flexor stretch can be very intense! If you're prone to cramps try and relax your legs as much as possible. Tense muscles don't stretch well because they react with fight or flight properties! The more we can ease into a stretch the more results you will find!