Dani Lieberman


Stretch Therapy 101


For athletes and those prone to tight muscles, you need to check out Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST), a form of assisted stretch therapy that can increase flexibility, reduce aches and pains, and improve range of motion and athletic performance. And let me tell you, this divine art of stretching is the real deal. 

Since becoming an FST therapist, and personally going to a therapist as well, i've gained optimal flexibility in a short period of time. For athletes who take on marathons, iron mans, triathlons, or other intensive competitions, your goal is to remain as pliable as possible. Repetitive movements and exercises can cause tight muscles, joints and fascia. FST targets not only muscles, but fascia, connective tissue, bones, and joints. FST also targets the entire joint and joint capsule, using traction to remove restrictions from movement and to stimulate lubrication.

As a certified fascial stretch therapist, I help people reduce injury and increase their mobility and flexibility utilizing the most innovative advancement in stretch therapy today!

Other key benefits:

  • Release chemicals, known as endorphins that act as natural pain suppressants.
  • Increase balance and symmetry of the body
  • Reduce or eliminate back problems and pain
  • Reduce muscular soreness
  • Reduce muscular tension.
  • Fascial Stretch Therapy has been scientifically backed to perform better than any other type of stretch therapy