Dani Lieberman


Wide Receiving Pilates


For Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown, Pilates is an integral part of his training routine. Brown's regimen is designed to enhance core strength and develop explosive power in his hips and glutes. He is focused on improving his flexibility with dynamic stretches. "It's not like weight training . . . it's all about control and body position, which receivers like myself need the most," Brown told STACK last year.

Pilates creates muscle balance, working on strength and length at the same time. It allows your instructor to see tight muscles, weak muscles and tailor exercises to enhance athletes games. The main goal is to prevent injury, and develop even muscle length and strength. By using functional movements that work multiple muscle groups these goals will be accomplished.

In addition to strengthening Browns upper legs and torso, focus is placed on strengthening his calves, ankles and feet, all of which usually receive little attention in a traditional gym setting or training.

Brown said that this whole-body approach, including the feet, has helped him become more "elusive." In other words, the exercises have benefited his overall balance control, and "knowing how to get my feet where [I want] to go."

Article courtesy of Stack!