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Loro italiano

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Italian food has been a faithful friend of mine for many last-minute-dinners. It’s comforting, easy to whip up, and pleases the entire family. So when Rao's Specialty Foods contacted me about trying some of their products, I was clearly pleased and excited. 

From their humble beginnings in 1896, Rao's restaurant has dominated the Italian restaurant scene in New York. They continued to grow over the years, and have now become a trusted brand of in-home pastas, sauces and Italian specialty products. 

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In Naples, the finest pasta sauces start with the freshest ingredients, and their Marinara Sauce is just that! Made with Italian tomatoes, aromatic basil, fresh onion and garlic, this sauce creates the perfect dressing for any pasta. I paired their marinara sauce with their Rigatoni Pasta and enjoyed the flavor, texture and quality of the noodles. Clearly I couldn't resist adding more parmesan and fresh basil.

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One sauce I couldn't get enough of, was their Arrabbiata Sauce. Arrabbiata is an Italian word that literally translates in english to "angry." The sauce is traditionally prepared with a combination of tomatoes, red peppers and seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and is supposed to taste like marinara sauce with a fiery kick. That is to say, it must be hot. Rao's Arrabbiata Sauce uses the finest ingredients that brings the tradition of old world Italy to your dinner table! This sauce will have your entire family fooled that it came from a Jar! 

Rao's Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is delicate in flavor and has the perfect balance between fruity and peppery notes. It's an ideal oil for virtually all of your cooking needs, from light sauteing to drizzling over your favorite dishes. I warmed up some ciabatta bread, chopped some fresh rosemary and added a touch of cracked pepper to the oil which made for a delightful and satisfying appetizer. With its naturally high anti-oxidant levels you are bound to enjoy the fresh olive oil taste and a wonderful peppery finish.

Lately, choosing red wine vinegar at the supermarket gives me the same nervous feeling as trying to pick the right wine for dinner guests. As with balsamic vinegars, the number of red wine vinegars in the condiment aisle has exploded in the past decade. Thanks to Rao's Organic Red Wine Vinegar, I no longer have to stress over this! They use quality select wine and a slow fermentation process to produce a great tasting low-acid vinegar. Drizzle this over a salad or simmer a protein of choice in it and you won't be disappointed. 

Rao's product line pairs culinary authenticity with freshness and flavor. The Italian food tradition of superior quality and simple recipes is alive and well with their line of Italian products. Let them delight you and your family with their delicious, high quality pastas, sauces, and other specialties.

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