Dani Lieberman


My scoliosis made me have daily pain before I met Dani. To my surprise, she's helped me reduce pain and provided me with exercises I can do at home. 

➳ Aubrey


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In our enjoyable — and always challenging — weekly sessions, Dani has helped me progressively develop and improve my strength, fitness and balance to a remarkable extent.

➳ Stephanie

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I've been working with Dani for a year and have found that my lower back pain has diminished. I highly recommend anyone who suffers from back issues schedule a session with Dani!

➳ Kevin L.

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I've considered myself an athlete for years, and was amazed how Dani was able to take fitness and exercising to a whole new level! I've never experienced such dramatic improvements in my strength and flexibility in such a short period of time.

➳ Scott G.

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